First Date – Part IV

Soon after our first date and despite the failure of the Beer Test, John and I took on the titles of boyfriend and girlfriend just in time for my senior year of high school.  We went to prom, has mediocre sex during the summer and made promises we knew we couldn’t keep once the end of August came knocking on our doors.

John had decided to stay on Long Island and go to Dowling in order to be closer to his family whereas I hopped on the first train out to Pennsylvania.  It wasn’t too far away from home but far enough so I wouldn’t have to live there.

Relationships are complicated enough without putting New Jersey between the two people involved but somehow we powered on…


It was mid-December when I decided it would be a great idea to surprise John at Dowling.  Thirtieth Street Station was as crowded as a Target on Black Friday when I left for New York.  I hopped on the 3:38pm Acela to Penn Station just as the doors were closing.  That was lucky, I said to myself, as a smug grin began to manifest on my face.

Like so many other things in my life, the Acela was fast and quick.  I made my way through Penn Station, scanning the board frantically trying to figure out what time I would be departing for Mastic.  Then, panic struck me.  It was 4:45pm…my father would be on his way home…from Penn.

The bustling of the rush hour crowd was now drowned out by the beating of my nervous and fearful heart.

“Hey Smedley!” he would say, putting his arm around me, “couldn’t wait till Christmas, could ya?”

Suddenly, the silence was broken by the muffled sound of a conductor attempting to speak clearly, “The 4:54pm East bound train to Mastic-Shirley is now boarding on track 3…making stops at…”.  That was all I needed – I got to the gate as fast as my legs would carry me – keeping an eye out for a 5’5″ moustached man.


“Hey baby,” John muttered, piercing my lips with his directionally challenged tongue.  I knew better than to paddle against the current and just went with it at this point.

Being the gentleman that he was, he took my bag in his left and my ass in his right and guided me towards the dorm I helped move him into what seemed like so many months ago.

“Wow.” I sighed, searching for something to compliment.  The last time I had been there was in August when the apartment was empty, save for the default furniture.  That same furniture was now strewn about in the most haphazard of manners and cans of Natty Ice had completely taken over the carpet.  “I like…”

His massive crewer’s arms scooped me up onto his shoulder and I giggled like a child about to get a piggy back ride from their favorite parent.

“Mmm, baby.” he whispered as he slobbered all over my neck, “I’ve missed that ass.”

My shirt always went first – then my pants.  And let’s not forget the intimates – the red and black lace panties I had spent so much time picking out never made it past his retina.  John always left my socks on, though.  He didn’t want to my feet to get cold…if you know what I mean ;).

John also wasn’t much for foreplay.  He took me by the hair and brought my to my knees to fill my aperture with his soft extremity that quickly solidified.  Tears streamed down my face as he speared my throat – as if the enemy guarding the gateway to my heart were some mythical beast that needed slaying.  For he was my knight in shining armor with his very own Excalibur.

“Yeah baby, that’s it.  Do you like how my cock tastes?”.

John and I had come up with a system of communication for times when I was orally fixated.  Two moans meant ‘yes’ – the duration of the second an indicator as to how much I was enjoying myself.  The need for a negative response was non-existent.

John grunted and hoisted me up to the edge of his bed as he buried my face in his sheets.  I braced myself.

My legs were divided as if they themselves were the Red Sea and John himself was Moses looking to set his people free and bring them to salvation.  With each lunge he grabbed me tighter and tighter as I implored him to go on.

Having sex with John was very much like a dance.  One-two-three, thrust, five-six-seven-eight and thrust, thrust, squeeze and moan and one-two-three and moan and thrust once more…

“Yeah baby,” he panted, as he slapped my ass.

There’s the signal – it’s go time, I thought to myself.  He’s almost done so you better get going.  You haven’t done the “don’t stop” routine in a while.

“Yes!” I cried.  “Yes!  Mmm, don’t stop!  Oh!  That’s it…right there.  Ooooh!”  There you have it, ladies and gentlemen – a complete orgasm in thirty seconds or less guaranteed.  Get yours in the next fifteen minutes and we’ll throw in another one absolutely free.  That’s right, folks – two orgasms for the price of one.  Shipping and handling not included.

“Say my name.”
“John.”  I whisper.
“Say my name!” he barked, an accomplished smile making its way across his face.
“John!”  I screamed.

He quickly maneuvered me onto my back so he could give me a pearl necklace…classy is as classy does and I had the jewelry to prove it.

As I began to gather my clothing from the various hemispheres of the room, John changed rapidly.

“What’s the matter, honey?  You got a hot date?” I asked, half-kidding.  Lord knows there was more than one person I was hoping to surprise this weekend.

“Actually, baby,” he said, “I promised the guys I would be at Vinny’s party tonight.  Do you mind if we go?”
“Of course not.” I said, kissing him on the cheek, “It doesn’t matter as long as I’m with you.”
“Aww, sweetie,” he laughed, kissing my lips.  “I love you.”
“I love you too.”


John’s navy blue Jeep Grand Cherokee flew across the ice, ran six red lights and skidded into the driveway behind a snow-covered BMW.  I guess you get a whole different kind of license when your parents are on the force.

“What’s up, faggot?”  John screamed as Vinny opened the door.

Vinny was the stereotypical Long Island guido – gelled hair, orange tan, enough bling to put several students through grad school.  “Faggot?” he retorted.  “If you weren’t with this hottie I’d say you were the fucking fag you homo!”

I smiled as the two of them laughed.  Vinny invited us in and said, “Everybody is downstairs.  There’s a beer pong competition going on if you want in.”
“Nah, man.  Me and Lauren are liquor people.”
“Lauren and I.”  I corrected.  Old habits die hard.
“You see,” John said as he pulled me close, “this is why I love her.”
“Understood, haha.  Why don’t you get her a drink and meet me upstairs so we can talk about that thing.”
“Yeah, sure.”  John agreed.  “What can I get you, baby?”
“Jack and coke.” I sighed, half-heartedly.
“Come on Lauren – don’t be upset.”
“I don’t know anyone – can’t you and Vinny talk later?”
“It will only be a few minutes babe.  Relax.  I love you?”
“I love you too.”

In typical John fashion, my drink was delivered forty-five minutes later.  The melted ice, flat soda and rancid tasting whiskey didn’t bother me as much as John’s blood-shot eyes.
“Baby, I’m sorry.” he began, “Vinny and I got to talk about the huge meet we have on Sunday and gave me something to help me relax.”
“Don’t worry about it, baby.  Marissa and I were just catching up.  She’s been telling me about how helpful you’ve been.”
“Yeah, John,” she winked, “I told Lauren how awesome you are at grammar and all that shit.”

John gave a humble shrug, “Well I’ll let you girls get back to talking – I’m going to catch up with some of the guys.”  He leaned in close to my ear, gripped my ass hard and said, “You look so fucking hot baby.  Meet me in an hour.”
“Where?” I asked, giggling…apparently the drink was stronger than I though.
“By the bathroom.  I love you.”


Ouch, I thought as I opened my eyes the following morning.  Apparently Vinny’s parents would rather have Beamers than heat.  As I rolled onto my side between John’s arm and chest, I noticed the only thing I could feel was a very thin bed shet against my evidently naked body.  Shit, I hope he didn’t blow inside me again.  The girls at Planned Parenthood are going to think I’m stupid if I have to walk in with him one more time. 

I laid in John’s arms for a few moments and thought about how perfect this was – that I could simply lay with someone completely bare and yet feel completely safe.  Then, I felt my heart begin to pound louder, beating faster…my breathing heavier.  If his arms are around me then whose hand is in between my legs.

“JOHN!”  I shrieked, scrambling out of the bed and onto the floor attempting to cover myself with the sheet.
“Wha-what’s up?” hu mumbled, failing to move.
“GET UP!  GET THE FUCK UP!  WHY IS HE TOUCHING ME?!?!?” My eyes began to focus in on an orange figure.
“YOU!” I screamed, attempting to punch Vinny’s arm, “What the fuck did you do?  What the fuck did you do to me?”

We were all up now.  Vinny was straight and poised.  “Yo bitch,” he started, “I didn’t fuckin touch you.  I ain’t no fuckin rapist.”
“Baby,” John said, enveloping me in his arms, “calm down.”
“He fucking touched me.  He was in the fucking bed with us…and you’re not going to do something about it?!”
“Control your fuckin girl, John.” Vinny said, coming closer.
“Baby,” he said, squeezing me tighter.  “Baby, calm down. Shh.” he cooed, running his fingers through my hair.  Don’t you remember?  I fucked you so good last night?  You came so many times.  Vinny was just wasted – he’s so dumb when he’s wasted.  He just passed out.  Come on, baby, you know I would never let anything happen to you.  I love you.”

I squeezed my eyes tight, desperately searching for the memory that would set us all free from this horrible nightmare.  I could see the empty beige room next to the bathroom.  John was behhind me…squeezing and moaning.

“Vinny,” I sighed, tears rolling down my cheeks, “I am so sorry…”


John and I ran out of the house shortly after Vinny apologized for calling me a bitch.  I was on the Acela back to Philly before I even had time to tell him I loved him one last time.  The shock of what could have been left me numb and exhausted.

Due to all the disgusted and horrified looks I was receiving, I assumed I wore the horror of the incident that never was on my face along with my headache.

I leaned back in the Acela chair, and resolved to sleeping all the way to Philly.

“You got lube?” John asked.
Why is John asking me for lube?  Why doesn’t he just eat me out like always?
“Yeah I got it.”
Ugh, I know that voice.  I guess Vinny was actually good for something.
“Are you sure she’s out?  Her eyes are still open?”
“Yeah,” John said, slapping my cheeks, “she had that drink like two hours ago.”
“Ugh,” Vinny said, stroking my vagina with his hand, “you were right.  This bitch is like sandpaper.  It must be the Asian thing.  Marissa was like a swamp.”
“Yeah, haha,”  John laughed.  “But then again we didn’t have to get her drunk first!”
“True that brother!” Vinny laughed as they high-fived.
“Let’s lube this bitch up then!” John said.
“Let me have her first man,” Vinny pleaded, “I got the yellow fever real bad and you get your vaccine every night.”

I suddenly felt a gelatinous entity cover my lower body as the scent of strawberries filled the air.
“No,” I whispered, “John…”
“Yeah,” Vinny grunted, “you’re nice and wet now.  Let’s dance.”

I could feel the tears forming a pool on the beige carpet.  My body began to betray me as I lied there immobile at the mercy of of the dynamic duo.

Wake up, Lauren.  This is just a dream – it isn’t real!  Wake up!

Vinny used my legs as reigns, penetrating me over and over again as I attempted to cry out for help.  My lungs failed me and all I could do was whimper as my pleas for my mother went unheard.

“Yeah, you fucking whore.  Moan for me.”
“Please…stop.”  I whispered and suddenly – a ray of hope.  My right arm began to move and I put my hand out, reaching for John…
“What’s the matter baby?” he asked, caressing my cheek.
“Help me…” I cried.
“Vinny’s dick isn’t big enough for you, I know.” he said.

“Oh you filthy slut.  You naughty cunt.”  Vinny yelled.  “Swallow your juices.”  He tossed me to the side and lunged his penis into my mouth.  Finally, I was presented with a chance…I bit down hard.

“FUCK!!!” he screamed.  “THAT FUCKING BITCH BIT ME!”.  He  managed to get one good punch in before John reminded him that they couldn’t leave any marks.

“Oh yeah?” Vinny asked, biting his lower lip – vengeance in his eyes.  “We’re not finished  yet.”

Vinny stood over me and a malodorous odor infiltrated my nostrils as he covered my hair, my chest, my body with putrid and intentional urine.

I called out for God but got no answer…Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system.  God is not available.  At the tone please record your message.  When you’ve finished recoding please hang up or press one for more options.

Then, suddenly, it was over.  I felt nothing and saw nothing and for the briefest of moments, I believed in God.

I was hoisted and propped up on John’s penis as Vinny instered finger after finger until there was only one thing left he hadn’t shared with me.

My cries for mercy faded as I accepted the damnation and desecration of my body.  They left my soul broken and battered on that floor before Vinny said, “Yo dude, we need to get this bitch in bed.  Don’t change her clothes otherwise she’ll know something is up.”


The Acela jerked to a halt and I woke up in a cold sweat.  “There, there, dearie.” the woman across from me soothed, “I was just about to wake you.  Don’t worry it was just a dream.”
“Oh, um, yeah,” I panted, still nervous from my nightmare.  “Sorry if I bothered you – I talk in my sleep.”
“It’s okay dear,” she said, “whoever he is, he can’t hurt you no more.”  she whispered, gently rubbing my eye.

I was amazed at how much her touch affected me when I looked in the window…there it was, black as night. A shiner over my right eye.  Apparently good girls only need to be told once.


“So, Lauren,” Jason asked, “who’s stopping you?”
“No one…not anymore.”

Jason’s lips touched mine ever so slightly at first, kind of like how you dip your toes into the pool on the first day it opens.  Slowly but surely, though, I dove in and, as fate would have it…he was there to catch me.


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