Jason told me he loved me and I believed him as all girls believe boys who say such things.  If I close my eyes and concentrate hard enough I can still see him with that goofy smile.

He had dropped me off at 10:58pm – it might as well have been fucking midnight since tomorrow was as good as here.

“We could go, you know?” I postulated between kisses.
“Go where?” he asked, kissing me back.
“Anywhere.”  I breathed.

We stood there for what seemed like hours before I found myself alone in my driveway watching him walk away.  In the moonlight he didn’t even look real – he looked like a figment of my imagination that magically came to life once the sun went down.  And I thought to myself, If this is all just a fantasy…

I sprinted down the driveway and threw myself into his arms and said, “Jason…if this is all a dream then I think you should know…I love you too.”

It took three months to fall in love…three words to make me the happiest girl in the world…three hours for everything to go to shit.


Since my past experiences with housing were less than desirable, I opted to live with my friend Erin my second year.

Cabrini is a Catholic college located in Radnor, Pennsylvania.  Each incoming freshman is therefore required to participate in what’s known as a “Day of Service”.

Erin and I were scooped up by Habitat for Humanity to help rebuild the walkway of an old house in Central Philadelphia.

Now, for some reason, I was picked to take this huge sledgehammer and essentially barrel my way through the framework of the walkway.  Erin was assigned to stucco the outside to make it look less like shit.

Erin asked me to switch places being that she was a basketball player, had huge muscles and essentially liked to hit things.  I agreed gingerly, and made my way down the ladder so she could take over.

Not two seconds after my feet hit the floor did I hear a loud scream.  I turned around to catch Erin mid-fall.  The roof had caved in and her nose was introduced to a rogue brick.

I helped patch up her nose and ever since then it was history.

(That’s us throwing our first party – I don’t know why the date says 2004 though considering we were both still in high school at the time.)

However, that is not what solidified our friendship.  Erin and I truly became friends when I assumed the title of “First Freshman to be Rushed to the Hospital”.

It was a Friday night and we were at a party in one of the dorms when I began to get extremely hot.  I fainted in the middle of the hallway and Erin called Public Safety.

She helped carry my drugged ass down eight flights of stairs and rode in the ambulance with me, never letting go of my hand.

I begged her not to call my parents as we entered Bryn Mawr Hospital.  I screamed that I was fine and wanted to go home.  I was deathly afraid that I’d need to revisit the ER once my mother had found out what happened.

Yet, as frightened as I was and as much as Erin and I were still strangers…she stayed with me.   Apparently, one of the nurses bore a striking resemblance to John and I was calling out for her to come near even though Erin assured me he wasn’t there.

I remember waking up the next morning to find Erin curled up in a chair next to my bed, her hand still holding mine.

“Erin…” I mumbled.  “What happened?”
“Lilo!” she screamed, “Holy shit man!  The nurses said you might have gotten a bad roofie.”
“Yeah man…serious shit.  They had to pump your stomach but you’re going to be okay.”
“Ugh…my mom is going to kill me.”
“Yeah…” Erin sighed, “she is totally going to kill you.  I don’t think she likes me too much either.”
“She sucks.”  we both laughed.

It was at this point I realized Erin was wearing hospital scrubs.  “Erin…were you wearing those last night?”
“Oh, uh, Lilo,” she laughed, “I don’t know how to tell you this but, um…you peed on me.”
“WHAT?!?!?!”  I screamed, “What do you mean I peed on you?”
Erin was laughing harder than ever, “Don’t worry – it was an accident.”
“OBVIOUSLY!” I screamed.

Apparently, Erin was attempting to help the nurses undress me when I, well, I peed on her.  It was from that moment on Erin and I became friends forever.

We used to ride around in her Subaru Outback stealing signs from local liquor stores so we would have something to decorate our new room with.

Needless to say, we were pretty much inseparable and we always had a good way of keeping each other in check.  Which is why I was able to remain calm as I patiently waited for Jesse’s call…



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