Jinx…you owe me a coke

“Lauren,” he said, kissing me on each cheek, “so glad you could make it.  Come upstairs with me.”

As I made my way up the stairs with ‘C’, I mentally reviewed what was expected of me.  He did me a favor and I did him a favor.  I wouldn’t exactly call it what you’re all mentally calling it…but he could take my pain away and you can’t put a price on happiness.

‘C’ lived in the upperclassmen area of campus – they had suites as opposed to a room with multiple beds.  The majority of his guests were gathered in the common room area as we tended to our private business.

He kissed my neck as I coyly toyed with his “private room”.  Men always like a little build-up before the main event.  Not to mention I always liked to be satisfied first.

“You want it baby?” he asked, “Then go get it.”

I pulled my long, black hair back, put my head down, and felt my heart begin to race as the inside of my nostrils caught fire.  I could feel my heart pumping th blood through my veins, hear the inaudible chit chatter outside teh chamber door, feel “C”‘s expectations.

He licked his lips and grabbed the back of my neck.  I pushed him away.

“Now now,” he cooed, waving his finger back and forth at me.  “You know the deal.”
“I’m not sucking your cock!” I laughed hysterically.  “It’s too tiny!”

“C”‘s face took on a scarlet red hue I had never seen before and slapped me across the face.  I felt nothing.

“You’re a pussy!”  I screamed.  “You’ve been letting me give you handjobs for like ever and now you want sucky sucky?”  I asked, miming.  “I no think so!!!!”

The harder he slapped me, the harder I laughed.  He screamed something about how coke isn’t for free and him having a business to run.

All I remember is running after Erin as she left the common room with “C” close on my tail.

I tripped on the way out of the dorm and was stuck in that noiseless laughter that is usually reserved for something a little less cliche.  “C” was standng over me and said something to the effect of not running a charity.

“Oooooh,” I giggled, “I’m so scared.”

I saw his fingers come together to make a fist.  He wound back to hit me and then everything went dark.


I can’t be sure if it was the sunlight or the excrutiating pain in my left cheek that woke me the next morning.  I opened my eyes to find myself in a strangely comfortable bed, covered in red blankets and a t-shirt that wasn’t mine.

Thankfully I’m still wearing my panties, I thought.

I rubbed my eyes, stretched out and hit something at the edge of the bed.

“Is this how you always repay your host?” said a familiar voice.

I dug through the covers and said, “Good morning.”…to The Black Cowboy.



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