and Lust

Devin carried me up the stairs to his apartment and let me cry on his shoulder.  We didn’t say anything for a long while.  In fact, we fell asleep on his couch and didn’t wake up until a few hours later.

“Good morning.”  I said.
“Good evening.”
“Is it night already?” I gasped, looking out his window into the darkness.
“It appears that way.”
“Do you eat meat?” he asked, rising from the couch.
“Meat…” he laughed, “do you eat it?”
“Yeah…I eat meat.”
“Okay…why don’t you go take a shower and put on one of my shirts and some shorts and I’ll make us some dinner.”

The shower I took in Devin’s apartment was probably one of the best of my life.  The feeling you get from washing a hard night off is always great, but washing pain away feels even greater.

I wrapped my hair in a red towel, donned the same t-shirt I had fallen asleep in and a pair of gym shorts.

I came out to discover spaghetti and meatballs on the table and two place settings.  He pulled out my chair as I approached and said, “Bet you didn’t know I could cook?”
“There’s lots of things I don’t know about you.”
“And many things I also don’t know about you…like how you know Camden and came to be on his bad side?”

“This smells delicious.”  I said, putting a napkin on my lap and taking a huge bite of spaghetti.  “And delicious.”
“Thanks…but you haven’t answered my question.”
“I wasn’t aware it was any of your business.”  I said.
“Considering I almost killed him I’d say that entitles me to an explanation.”
“I didn’t know him.”  I lied, knowing I did owe him something.  “I had just met him.  We were flirting and things got out of hand so I went to leave.  I guess he was more into me than I thought.”
“Apparently so.”  he said.  I couldn’t tell if he knew I was lying or not but he seemed to accept my answer.

“Listen,” I sighed.  “I really appreciate you taking care of me and all but this is a little weird and I think I should go.”
“Sure,” he sighed.  “I can give you a ride back to…where do you live again?”
“It’s not important.  I can walk.  Um, I can return the clothes to you tomorrow or something.”
“No…I’m taking you home.”
“You really don’t have to do that…”
“Lauren, I’m doing the dishes, rebandaging your cheek and then I’m taking you home.  Deal with it.”


“Thanks for the ride.”  I said as I got out of Devin’s baby blue Explorer.  “I’ll be by with these tomorrow after I was them.”
“It’s okay.  You can keep them.”
“Right.” I laughed, “Because me dropping them off would require you seeing me again.  At least you made me dinner this time so it doesn’t feel as cheap.”  I slammed my second door of the evening and made my way up the stairs to New Res.

Devin put the car into park and stormed after me.  “Look, I’ve taken a lot of your shit today that I’m positive I only half deserve.  I’m sorry that I didn’t call last semester but I’m happy I was there last night because I don’t know what would have happened if Camden…”
“How do you know Camden, Devin?”  I asked.
Devin sighed deeply and said, “Look, I don’t want this night to end with you being pissed off at me.  I don’t know who’s up there waiting for you but I know I don’t want you to be alone tonight.  So how about you get in my car and come back with me?”
“And why would I do that?”  I asked.
“I don’t fucking know.” he laughed.
“I’m not sleeping with you.”  I said.
“Good…I’m not sleeping with you either.”

Love happens fast…lust happens faster.



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