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It was easy to forget what happened on the side of the road that night after trips to Paris, dinners in Center City and more clothes than I could have ever imagined.  Coach bags, Steve Madden pumps…anything and everything my heart desired was mine.

And when Devin made love to me…it was like he saw me…the real me.  Not just the me I was then but the me I could and would be.  He told me he had no intention of going to law school and that all he really wanted was to take me far away so we could grow old together.

For the first time in my life, I knew what it was to want a future.  I had always wanted a life for myself – I used to say that I could be happy waiting tables and living in a shitty apartment as long as I had a laptop to come home to.  But this was different.  I wanted a wedding and children and summers at theme parks.  I wanted a life…a life built by us.  And I thought to myself This, this is what it truly means to love.


 “Lilo, it’s about time you showed up.  I thought you might have forgotten.”
“What?” I laughed, “no way dude.  This is going to be our big break!”

Erin and I were writers for The Loquitor – the official newspaper of Cabrini College.  We had been trying to get on the front page for weeks but none of our articles were quite up to snuff.

Cabrini, as I’ve said before, was a Catholic college and part of its policy was that they would not associate themselves with any fraternities or sororities due to their “sinful nature”.

So, when Erin and I heard about ADG, we decided to do some investigative journalism…



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