The Little Things

There are a few small joys one can bask in whilst working at Starbucks – selling out the bake case, every customer ordering a tall coffee as opposed to a half-caf venti soy mocha with two pumps of chai and three Splends because “they always make it for me that way”…but the greatest joy, for me, was arranging the whipped cream perfectly on various beverages.

Judge if you will but you have to find ways to pass the time, my friends, and this was my absolute favorite. 

There would be no line…not a single person save for the lone individual ordering a caramel frappucino.  I’d pour the blender remnants into the grande cup and create a symphony of perfectly measured and designed whipped cream…followed by the caramel.

Oh that caramel!  I’d drizzle it over that whipped cream masterpiece ever so carefully…almost to the point where I’d want to photograph it.  And for a moment, you feel something…something so elusive in the customer service world – pride.

Yes, I would feel proud.  I’d feel like an artist unveiling his new exhibit for The Met.  I felt good…so good, in fact, that I would actually smile when I said, “Your caramel frappucino, miss.”

She would put her hand over her mouth in awe, eyes wide with excitement and say, “Oh…I’m sorry…I didn’t want any whipped cream.”

…aaaaaaaaaand we’re back…


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