The Stranger – Part II

I was so confused when my mother told me Brian and I could no longer have sleepovers together.  I imagine it had something to do with the fact that we were thirteen and Dawson’s Creek was just starting to get big.  I could barely do a pull-up for the physical fitness test and even though his room was on the first floor, there was no way I was getting my ass in there without some serious assistance.

I mean, granted I was in love with him, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to act on it.  Cruel Intentions wasn’t out on VHS yet so I hadn’t even learned how to kiss a boy yet.  After all, we had grown up together.  This is a boy who I played manhunt with and coordinated Halloween costumes with.  Sure his hand briefly slid onto my butt during N*Sync’s “God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You” but it was like two seconds!

At any rate, things changed once Brian and I got sent to different high schools – he went to the all boys school down the road and I went to Mercy.  We got new backpacks, new friends…new lives.  As much as we lived on the same block, we never saw each other…except on Friday.

Somewhere along the way, Brian got too cool for me.  But while he was busy getting cool, my feelings were busy getting out of control.  I’d find myself peeking out the window just to see if he was outside so we could talk.  I’ll admit – I started stalking young.

But, on Friday nights I would always walk to the mailbox on the corner and, as fate would have it, he would always be sitting on his front steps waiting for me.  We would talk long past when the street lights would come on and my mother always had to call me in. 

I loved those Friday nights…after all, we did grow up together.


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