The Stranger – Part IV

Brian and I were freshmen in college at the same time.  However, while I went to Cabrini – he went to Drew in New Jersey.  Then, after three months, he skipped town with some chick he met there and went to University of Florida for a year and sent his mom a “Thank You” card for Christmas. 

By the time my father drove me home from  Pennsylvania, Brian had returned to Long Island with his name tattooed on his upper back in Chinese characters, dredlocks and was going to Hofstra University.

Brian turned into a real douche bag.  His father had long since passed, his mother lost her job and was trying to make ends meet and this piece of shit couldn’t even help her take out the garbage.

Mrs. Kirken would always complain that he would go out all day and not come back until late at night with some girl he had met at school.  She told me his room had a permanent air of weed and cheap beer.  she would cry to my mother that he was such a smart boy and didn’t know where she went wrong,

Then, one day, my mother came up to my room, slapped me across the face and screamed, “What did you do?!”

She grabbed me by the hair, dragged me downstairs and threw me in front of the police.

“Hello, Ms. Sharkey,” one of the officers said, “I’d like to ask you a few quetions.”
“Sure.” I said, somewhat panicked.  “What can I help you with?”
The officer showed me a recent picture of Brian and said, “Do you know this man?”

I couldn’t help but laugh…this was before the iPhone 4.  So, it was totally one of those how far away can I hold the phone from me pictures where he was trying to look super serious and yet brooding – god I wish I had a copy but I hope you get the gist.

“Yeah, I know him.”
“Ms. Sharkey, this is no laughing matter.” the officer said.
“Sorry, um, is he okay?  Is something wrong?”
“He’s missing.  When was the last time you saw Brian Kirken?”


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