Battle of the Barista – Part IX

“It all happened so fast – one second she was there and the next she was running out the door.  There was no way to predict that kind of reaction – it just wasn’t normal.” I told the officer.
“So what happened then?” the officer asked.


“Ma’am,” I said calmly, “I would be more than happy to make your beverage once you’ve paid.  Now, that’ll be a penny…please.”

“That’s it!” she screamed, throwing her hands into the air.  “I’ve had enough of this shit!”

Rita then proceeded to pick up a ceramic mug and throw it on the ground allowing it to shatter.

“Hey!” Vicki yelled.
“Do you know who I am?” Rita shouted as she smashed another mug.
“Dude,” I whispered to Vicky, “call the cops.”

Vicky went to grab the cordless but Rita was quicker.  She hurled a mug straight at Vicki’s head, “What the fuck, lady?” I screamed as Mike went around the counter to stop her from grabbing another mug.

I checked to make sure the cup hadn’t made contact and Vicki ran back to the office to dial 911.  I saw that Mike and Rita were struggling.  He was doing his best not to hurt her as she screamed, “Don’t you touch me!  I’ll call rape I swear to fucking god!”

Mike backed away and let Rita go…it was pure, absolutely certifiable craziness.  She ripped open bags of coffee and threw them across the store.  Mugs flying everywhere – random pieces of ceramic destroyed all along the floor.  She was wild with fury and kept screaming things like, “I’m going to have all your jobs unless you make my mother fucking coffee!”

I couldn’t help but laugh and as she smashed the last mug on the shelf I said, “Hey…you know you’re going to have to pay for that, right?”


“Well that explains the mess.” the officer laughed lightly.  “Now, can you please explain how Ms. Aurelia came into contact with the bus?”



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