Battle of the Barista – Part X

“Right,” I said, taking a drag of my cigarette, “the bus…”


By the time Rita had finished smashing all our mugs, most of the people in the store had left.  The majority had fled once the screaming match began and when she starting hurling ceramic mugs people thought it best not to stick around.

So, when I told her she was going to have to pay for the mugs, she began to laugh wildly and scream, “Oh yeah?  And who is going to make me pay for them…YOU?!  You and what army?!”.

“The police are on their way ma’am.”  Vicki said, emerging from the back.  “So you can answer to them about paying for all the damage you’ve caused.”

Rita and I locked eyes and I instantly knew she was afraid – the reality of what she had done was finally sinking in and she was slowly coming to the conclusion that there was no way out of the mess she had created.

Sensing Rita’s panic, Vicki made her way from behind the counter and asked Mike to lock the door.  Rita must have overheard her and that’s when all hell broke loose.

“Pay for them…” she mumbled, “I’m not paying for shit!  This is all your fault!” she screamed, pointing at me.  “None of this shit would have happened if it weren’t for you, you fucking bitch!  You want me to pay for these cups?  FINE!  I’ll fucking pay for them.”

Rita lunged at the counter and scooped both plastic tip jars into her purse and made for the door.

I couldn’t fucking believe it.  This woman drives a $75,000 car, destroyed my stores mugs over a penny and was now fleeing with my tips.

So, I did what any other hard working employee would have done.  I hopped the counter and went after her…



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