I Wasn’t a Citizen – Part V

I awoke in the holding cell my mother and I had been placed in upon our arrival.  As I attempted to get up, I found myself unable to move my wrists – I was in irons.  As if that weren’t frightening enough – my mother was nowhere to be found.

“Hey!  Hey!”  I yelled.  “A little help here?”

A few moments later, an officer peeked around the corner and put the receiver to his ear, “Yes, she’s awake…yes sir…all right,  I’ll send her in.” he affirmed, hanging up the receiver and making his way towards me.
“Who were you talking to?! ” I said as he made his way in and guided me outside.  “Where are you taking me?!  I want to see my mother!  I WANT TO SEE MY MOM!”

Fucking Nassau county cops…seriously.  They do nothing all day and then something like this happens and there’s twenty of them all with an attitude acting like they work for the fucking CIA.  Here I was, American – born and raised – and yet I’m being questioned for being an illegal immigrant while Miguel and Jose stand outside 7-Eleven waiting for a day laboring gig.

The officer tossed me into the interrogation room, sat me down at the table and undid my handcuffs.  “He’ll be right with you?”
“WHO?!” I screamed.  “What the fuck is wrong with you people?!  Why won’t you tell me anything?”

A few seconds later, I was received to see Mr. Cupelli – my family lawyer.  “Oh, Mr. Cupelli!  Thank god.”
“Don’t thank me just yet, Lauren.” he said, opening his briefcase.  “You’ve made quite a mess of this whole thing.”
“Me?!  I didn’t do anything.”
He sighed deeply and looked my way, “North Korean sleeper agent?”
“Oh…” I said, bowing my head in shame, “yeah…well that’s how they were treating me!  It was like I was Kim Jung Il’s illegitimate daughter or something!”
“Well, are you?” he laughed.
“No…not that I know of.  Oh my God!  Am I?!” I asked, leaning in close.
“No, Lauren,” he laughed, “I don’t believe you are.  But we have to find out what went wrong here and more importantly, how we are going to fix it.”
“Can’t we sue them for drugging me and knocking me out?  I mean, I have no idea how I got in that cell – isn’t that illegal or something?”
“Lauren,” he said, putting his hand over mine, “you fainted.”


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