I Wasn’t a Citizen – Part VI

My parents wanted children – it was never a doubt or a conversation.  But my mother had difficult carrying a baby to term and so, for a time, they packed those dreams up in a box and buried it away.

My father is a carpenter and was working a job in Garden City for some lawyer.  He was working late one night and the lawyer’s girls came in to see the new play room my father was building for them.  When he turned to greet them, he saw two beautiful Asian girls, hair in pigtails and matching dresses.  He went home to my mother that night and they decided to adopt.

Now, contrary to popular belief, adopting a child is insanely difficult.  My parents were investigated, their family and friends questioned and it didn’t help that my father was once mistaken for Son of Sam (he had a mustache, a van and was super short lol…great story, we’ll get to that).  They were turned down by multiple adoption agencies because my father’s business had gone under and my mother worked off the books.  They were losing hope when they found New Beginnings Adoption Agency.

I was the first baby adopted out of New Beginnings…it’s like Christian Finnegan always says, “Having a kid is like having a new car – you’re going to put some dents in it.”

It turned out that New Beginnings had never put my paperwork through.  You see, up until 2000, all adoption agencies had to process the paperwork for adopted children to obtain their citizenship.  When The Child Citizenship Act passed, all children adopted were basically citizens automatically.  But…everyone before that was shit out of luck…

“So we have two options,” Ms. Chaste sighed, sifting through my documentation (which now included the details of my adoption), “she either has to get naturalized within thirty days or we deport her.”
Mr. Cupelli, leaned in close to me, whispered in my ear, turned to Ms. Chaste and said, “We’ll take the naturalization.”  he then looked at my smiling face and said, “Don’t get happy just yet, kid, 38% fail.”


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