Full Circle

“That’s so crazy!” I laughed, finishing my glass of wine.  “I’ve never met ANYONE who went to Cabrini.”
“I know.” he laughed, “What a small fucking world!  Maybe that means this is meant to be…” he said, putting his hand on mine.
“So where did you live?” I asked, taking my hand back so as not to give my budding affections away.
“New Res.”
“Get the fuck out!” I said, slamming my hand on the table.  “So did I.  Second floor.”
“No way…I was on the second floor!  Room 203!”
“Holy shit.” I said in disbelief, “I was room 220!  We were practically down the hall from each other.  You know…it’s weird,” I said, pouring myself another glass of white, “I thought you looked familiar when I saw you.”
“Really?  I think I would have remembered if we had met.”
“Truth be told,” I giggled, “I probably wouldn’t have.  My friends and I had some wild times in New Res.”
“Ha, yeah mine too.”
“No -“I said, putting my hand up, “we were crazy back then.”
“Oh yeah?” he challenged.
“Oh yeah.” I laughed.  “Don’t believe me?  Tell me the craziest thing you and your friends did in New Res and I guarantee I’ll be able to top it.”
“Okay okay,” he sighed, sitting up straight as though he were about to school me, “this one time my friend was trying to hook up with this girl from the basketball team – I think her name was Erin or something.  They had been chatting forever and the one night she comes over and was this total tease and it turned out she had a boyfriend.  So, a couple of buddies and me filled two of the garbage cans from the women’s bathroom with water and all this other shit and dumped them in her room at like 3am!” he said, laughing manically.

It was then I realized why he looked so familiar – he was a skater gone legit.  He was one of the three stoners that hung outside the dorm late at night doing tricks on their boards.  He was always in a polo and plaid shorts and never wore shoes.  Erin had always thought it was the Three Stooges who had done it because she swore she heard bare feet as she chased the faceless culprits down the hallway but I assured her it was my fault since the article had aired the same day.  And here I was…three years later…having dinner with one of the men who single-handedly ruined my fucking life…



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