First of the Last

You are currently reading from the Trials and Tribulations of a Crazy Asian Series

“Uh,” Shane laughed to himself, “Mum is looking for you.  Yours too.” he said, looking at me.  “I don’t think they know you were, um, together?

Unlike Cole, Shane had a sinister air about him.  Something that told me he was one for trouble, mischief and blackmail.

“Lauren,”  Shane continued, extending his hand, “I’d be more than happy to take you downstairs so as not to create…confusion.

I turned to Cole who gave me a look that said he could be trusted.  I walked over, put my hand in his and said, “See you later.”


“So,” Shane began, as he walked me down the stairs, “is this the American way I’ve heard so much about?”
“Please…” I sighed, rolling my eyes and taking back my arm.
“You know he’s engaged, right?” he said, walking in front of me, blocking my way.  “Looks like you picked the wrong brother.”
“I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.” I lied.  “Now, if you’d kindly get out of my way I’ll do you a solid and not kick your snooty British ass all the way down the next two flights.” I said, cracking a smile.
“You are a feisty one.” he laughed.  “You know, my room is just down the hall…”
“Ugh, save it!” I said, pushing him out of the way.

I began to run down the stairs as he called after me, “Oh come on!  You’re not really going to hold out for him, are you?”
“You’re an asshole and I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“Listen, Lauren,” he said, gripping my wrist, “you aren’t Cole’s first ‘last fling’ and you most certainly won’t be the last.  So, have lunch with me tomorrow…”

“There you are!” Geraldine screamed, throwing her arms around me, my mother close behind.  “We’ve been looking everywhere for you!”
“Well,” I laughed, taking my arm back, “I’m right here!”
“Shane,” Geraldine cooed, slapping his arm, “stop pestering Lauren!  She can’t go to lunch with anyone since we’re all going riding!”



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