The Grapevine

You are currently reading from the Trials and Tribulations of a Crazy Asian Series

“Going what?” I asked, confused.
“Riding, my dear.” said Geraldine.
“Riding where?”
“Horseback riding, Lauren.” my mother said, rolling her eyes.  “Geraldine and Don own a few horses so we’re all going out tomorrow.”
“Oh, um,” I mumbled, “that’s awesome, I guess?”
“Gorgeous!” Geraldine exclaimed.  “Now Shane do help me fetch some wine from the cellar.” she said, taking hold of his arm and my mother’s grip tightened around mine.

As my mother “gently” guided me out the front door, I saw Shane whisper something in Geraldine’s ear.  They came to an abrupt halt and Gerladine’s head snapped backward so she and I could lock eyes.  Her face was not that of the kind and accommodating hostess I had come to know.  No…this face was different.  Her eyes narrowed – one bright and shiny were now cold and dark.  Lips that had once housed such a cordial smile now formed only a straight line.

She inhaled deeply, nodded her head ever so slightly and turned away.  And, in that moment, I knew we were now enemies.


“Where the hell were you, Lauren?” my mother said through clenched teeth, slamming the door behind her.
“I was with Cole.”
“I didn’t ask you who you were with – I already know that!” she said, punching me in the arm.  “And judging by the look on Geraldine’s face – she knows it too.”

I rubbed my arm and looked off to the countryside without saying anything.  “We were down by the water.”
“Doing what?” she asked warily.
“Making a baby.”
“What?!” she screamed, punching me more furiously now.

“Ow ma!  STOP!  I was just kidding!” I screamed, trying to block her bows.  “Come on mom – we weren’t doing anything.  Jesus Christ.”
“All right,” she said, taking a deep breath and pointing her finger in my face, “but you better be careful.  He’s engaged.”
“So I hear mom…so I hear.”



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