When One Door Closes…

You are currently reading from the Trials and Tribulations of a Crazy Asian Series

I put on the jeans and purple top Cole had picked out for me along with the riding boots he had brought with him since they were “proper riding attire”.  I threw on a scarf as we made our way out the door and realized that my mother and Geraldine were nowhere to be found.

“Dude…” I said, rolling my eyes.  “What gives?”
“I thought you and I might get a head start?” he smiled.
“Well you thought wrong – don’t think I didn’t see the way your mother was looking at me yesterday.  ”

Cole sighed deeply and said, “How disappointing.  Here I am, thinking you are a red-blooded American with some sense of adventure and yet…there you stand, not getting in my auto and awaying to the stables!”
“That’s because I want to have some blood left at the end of this day!” I laughed.  “Your mother and my mother are going to kill us if we go off without them.”

“And if we go with them we are doomed to an afternoon of boredom with no pints in sight!  Now,” he began as he opened his car door, sat down and turned the ignition, “kindly get in or suffer the consequences.”
“And what might those be?” I asked, folding my arms stubbornly.
“Little lady,” he sighed, “an afternoon of adventure awaits us.  Now, are you going to stand there and pout at me or are we going to have some fun.  You are from New York, aren’t you?”

I walked over to the car, and as he moved to open my door I beat him to it and said, “I’m from Long Island…I can get my own door.”

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