You are currently reading from the Trials and Tribulations of a Crazy Asian Series

“So what’s she like?” I asked, looking out the car window to see the Irish countryside pass by.
“Who?” he asked, smiling.
“You know who…”
“Christ they told me you were a Harry Potter fan but obviously not…Lord Voldemort is dead, Lauren.” he scoffed.

I hit him in the arm lightly and Cole laughed as we made our way inside the stable.


“All right, Ms. Sharkey – so this was your first private encounter with Mr. Englander?” the officer asked.
“And at that time were you made aware of Mrs. Englander’s discomfort with the situation.”
“Did Mrs. Englander make you aware of her disapproval at any point in time after this date?”
“And is this your name?” the officer asked, sliding a copy of the restraining order Geraldine had filed on Cole’s behalf only a few weeks prior/
“Yeah,” I said, glancing at it, “that’s me.”
“So you are aware that your actions were in direct violation to this order and that you are going to be charged to the maximum extent of the law.”
“I am.”
“All right, Ms. Sharkey.  You sit tight.  I gotta talk to some people and see what our next move is.”
“Yeah, okay.” I sighed.  “You do that.”


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