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As I sat in the 7th Precinct interrogation room, I thought back to that day.  Cole looked so different then – so…human.  I guess that’s what tragedy does to you though – that humanity leaves and all that’s left is the shell of what once was.  But that’s later…


Cole helped me up onto the back of a beautiful stallion named Winnie – she was black as night and had a fire in her left eye.  We trotted along a narrow path and before long, I began to see Cole become smaller and smaller.

“Well, Yank, are you coming or what?”

I thought back to Jesse and how I swore I’d never again chase a man who wasn’t prepared to chase me.  And yet, something in Cole’s voice assured me that no matter where I was, no matter how much time passed…no matter what the world threw in the way…he would always find me.

And so, I gave Winnie a light tap, and sped off into the unknown.


Cole’s Mercedes came to a screeching halt in front of my cottage and I was filled with an immense sadness as he put the car in park, turned off the ignition and said, “I fear this is farewell, little lady.”

I watched him cross the windshield, open my door and scoop me into his harms.  “What?” he laughed, carrying me to the door, “No resistance?”
“Well, you did call me a lady.”
“Ha.  I did indeed.”

He set me down on the stairs leading up towards the door and went back to retrieve my riding boots, “You’d best give these a wash.”
“No,” I said, rolling my eyes, “I was just going to leave them like that.”
“It wouldn’t surprise me.” he sighed, smiling.

As the silence took over, I unbuttoned the sweater he had leant me, “Here you go.” I said handing it to him.
“Oh! My cardigan.”
“Thank you. It’s really warm for being so light.” I said crossing my arms since I had just been reintroduced to the brisk, Irish air.
“You know,” he said, smiling, “I haven’t the slightest idea what to do with this so I’m just going to put it in my pocket.”
“Don’t do that,” I said laughing, “You’ll get it all wrinkled.” But it was too late.

All right, Lauren, I thought, this clearly isn’t going to happen so just go inside.

“Well, it was a pleasure meeting you.” I said throwing my arms around him, taking in his scent all the while. Pulling back I said, “You had better come visit soon.”

There were no words. And with each second I could hear my heart beating stronger…faster…louder… Christ, I’m in the awkward silence. How the hell do I get out of here?! May day! May day!

I remained still though. My eyes wandered to the mountains, desperately searching for an answer, an escape, anything… Then, I stepped forward, but through no fault of my own.  For I had not noticed his hands had still lingered on my waist after our brief embrace. His face began to change…as if some internal struggle were taking place. He closed his eyes and his right cheek rose ever so slightly… “You know, it might be awkward if I kiss you…but I have a feeling it’s going to happen.” Am I breathing?

“It’s okay… you can do it anyway.” There were no sparks or fireworks when his lips made contact with mine…only divinity. A complete emotional nudity. It was the first pure kiss I had experienced in my life. One compltely devoid of history, impervious to time and untouched by expectations of the consqeuences…complete without understanding.  Perhaps it was the sunset, but when I opened my eyes the world seemed to be illuminated. I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks as I gasped for air. More…I needed more. I fell into him, letting my hads float up to his neck bringing his lips deeper into mine. He took me into his embrace fully.  Our lips danced with oe another in perfect harmony to a symphony only he and I could hear. With each kiss my smile grew wider and wider, my heart flew higher and higher. I felt the Earth move beneath me as he pressed me up against the stucco wall, tracing a line down my neck. The thumbs of his warm hands caresses me cheeks and made their way through the complcations of my hair as we inhaled each other’s essence. Yet, he would stop me for a moment and simply stare at me as if he could not believe I were real…as if I were an illusion that might disappear at any moment and he was trying to preserve the memory as best he could. I was like an addict…nothing was going to stop me from my fix. There was only now, only this, only one chance to get it right.

“You’re beautiful.” he said.
“You’re a good liar.”
“All right,” he said kissing me once more, “I’ll let you believe that.”
I don’t know when we finally separated from each other and crossed back over into reality. “I hope you come to New York.” I confessed.
“I’d like that. I don’t think my love affair with New York is finished quite yet.”

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