I Flipped the Bird – Part IV


Second Date Dilemma:  This is the first person who has wanted to see you again in six months and you’re not getting any younger.
Restaurant Separation Syndrome:  You need money.

Sure you’d like laugh hysterically and say, “A second date?  Are you kidding me?  I wouldn’t sit through another dinner with you if it was my last meal.”.  But then it hits you – your freezer holds nothing but Lean Cuisines and Ben&Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.  The only other text/phone call you got today was from your mother and one other from your best friend asking if the picture she sent you looks like herpes.  You realize your only plans tonight were to watch “Say Yes to the Dress” with a box of Kleenex…and you digress.

The same is true for servers and other victims.  Sure you would like to say, “Fuck this place!  I don’t need this shit.”.  You’d like to storm out guns blazing – knock over a few baskets of fries while you’re at it.  Maybe even pull your pants down and wave your respective genitalia at your douche of a manager.

But you look over to your kitchen table and see the car insurance bill…a collections notice from your VISA and see that you’re withdrawn $184.32 in your checking account online.  Where are you going?  Nowhere…

You need respect.  You need a new job.  You need something better…but you also need to not be broke…

Which leads to Step Three…


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