I Flipped the Bird – Part VI


 Second Date Dilemma:  “The Point of No Return” is also known as a “Deal breaker” – i.e. the dude you’re on a date with tells you him being an “attempted murderer” is better than an actual murderer because he didn’t actually do it.
Restaurant Separation Syndrome:  So you’ve resolved to giving your restaurant a second chance and everything seems to be going well.  Then, someone asks you to run food, another server forgets to put ketchup on a table…and you fucking snap.

For me, the point of no return was not when my bar manager (Larissa) told me to continue opening the bar after I had just informed her there was no vodka in the house.  It came shortly after that.

You see, the reason I was “opening the bar” was because Sam, the actual opening bartender, liked to spend her time flirting with guys on the line and putting clips in her hair than cutting fruit and prepping juices for the Saturday night shift I was about to endure.

As I was furiously trying to slice lemons and prep my sour mix, another one of my managers came by to see if I required any assistance.  I said, “Yeah, can you tell Sam to bring me some more OJ from the back?”
“I would love to do that, Lauren,” Anthony sighed deeply, “but Sam is going home…”
“WHAT?!?!” I roared.
“Lauren, keep your voice down.”
“How is she going home when half her sidework isn’t done?”
“She had a personal issue, Lauren.  Just take care of the bar and let us worry about Sam.”

I abandoned the lemons and went to seek out Alyssa…and that was the last time I set foot behind the bar of the Blue Canary.


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