The First Time Katie and I Hung Out – Part III

So, after dry humping Katie’s gay best friend on the surface of a relatively new pool table, dancing to “November Rain” and being weirded out by the cliche stoners in the living room, I decided I would look around for Katie and tell her I was ready to go home.

I looked around and around but saw no sign of her.  Finally, I approached her brother Nick.  “Hey,” he said, pointing at me with his red Solo cup, “you’re Katie’s friend, right?”
“Yeah, that’s me!”
“I’m Nick…”
“Katie’s brother…I know.” I laughed.  “I’m actually looking to get out of here and she was my ride.  Have you seen her?”
“Nah, I haven’t seen her.”
“Isn’t that her right there?” Dan interrupted pointing towards Katie’s giggling face being dragged into a room by a dark figure.
“Who the fuck is that?” Nick scoffed.
“I don’t know…I don’t recognize him.  I’m going to go over there.”

I walked over to the door and knocked modestly, patiently waiting for a response.  “Katie? You in there?”
“YES!” she giggled.
“Um, are you thinking of heading out soon?  I am feeling kind of tired.”
“YES!” she laughed again.
“Okay,” I laughed nervously, “I’m going to go grab my coat.  I’ll come back in a few minutes?”

I walked away, desperately trying to recall whether or not I had actually brought a coat with me when I heard the sound of glass smashing and wood cracking.

“Oh shit…”


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