We Meet Again

You are currently reading from the Prompt #2 Series

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to yesterday’s prompt, I’ve decided to write the next 500 words of the story.

“Lauren,” he laughed, “you’re not looking so bad yourself these days.  Tell me, what brings you to my humble abode.”
“You know why I’m here.”
“Do I?” he asked smugly.

Devin walked through the hallway to the kitchen, stopping in front of the stained-glass window I once told him I loved.  It lived just above the sink and would color my skin purple, green and red as I made pancake mix in the early morning light.  “We’re never getting rid of this window.” I’d laugh as he nibbled at my ear.
“I’m never getting rid of you.” he would say in between kisses.

“Yeah, you do.”
“Indulge me, Lauren.”
“Fucking blow me, Devin.  Where’s the fucking money?” I said, taking my coat off, hoping the knives were still in the drawer closest to me.
“Now, now, Lauren…that’s not how you ask for something.  Didn’t your mother teach you manners?”
“Didn’t yours teach you not to steal?”
“Oh,” he sighed deeply, letting his head fall down as though he had dozed off, “we’re going to play that game, are we?”
“I am through playing games with you.” I said through clenched teeth.
“Good.” he said, his head snapping upward.

Before I had a chance to dive for the drawer, he already had me in a hold with an all too familiar barrel to my left temple.

“You think this is a game, Lauren?  You think this little exchange is paid for in Monopoly money?  Like the colors of that window you love so much?!”

Devin threw me onto the ground, grabbed the vase of roses on the granite counter top and hurled it through the window.  Deep blues, royal purples and blood red shards of glass came rocketing outward as I curled my body up against the oak cabinets.

Devin began to throw shards of glass at my helpless body and screamed, “Here, Lauren!  You can have all the pretty colors you fucking want!  You going to pay your debt with all the pretty fucking colors?!”

As I crawled to the other side of the counter, towards the double doors that led to the lawn I saw it.  Small yet visible – secure and somehow vulnerable.  i summoned my strength, jumped over the couch, turned the key, opened the cabinet and took the tea cup.

“One more step and I’ll drop it.” I panted.
“Don’t be stupid, Lauren.” Devin said, slowly inching towards me.

I tossed the tea cup in the air and watched Devin’s terrified eyes relax as it made its way back into my hand intact.

“Fucking Christ Lauren give me the cup!”
“First the money!”  I demanded.
“What the hell happened to the window, Devin?” said an unfamiliar voice.

As Devin turned to meet the woman’s gaze, I snatched the keys to the Mercedes and launched myself through the double doors, teacup still in hand.  Gunshots followed close behind as I threw myself into Devin’s Benz and hit the gas.

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