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I am also really loving the story that has developed from Tuesday’s writing prompt, so I’ve decided to continue…

I placed my hand on the passenger’s headrest, thinking to myself, Damn this leather feels nice, as I sped downhill out of Devin’s driveway onto Mill Road and into the night.

Devin’s house was located on some backwoods country road in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Before you turn onto his street, you have to go through a series of winding roads.  You are surrounded by corn fields which begged him to ask if I had ever seen Children of the Corn…I don’t recommend it.

Every trip we made to that house, I attempted to memorize the way but could never navigate my way through the mess…but tonight was different.  I checked the rear view to make sure I wasn’t being followed, pulled to the right, and consulted my iPhone.

With my phone in one hand and the wheel and the other, I followed the blue road towards freedom and hopefully, the score I was owed until…

“Lauren,” said a distressed voice on the end of the line, “let’s be adults about this.  Why don’t you come back to the house and we can talk about this like civilized people?”
“Why don’t you give me what’s mine?”
“Ours, Lauren.  Don’t you forget you weren’t alone that night.  You might not have pulled the trigger, but you didn’t stop me either.”
“And that entitles you to what?  What do you need five grand for anyway?”
“What do you need five grand for?” he asked.

I could see the smile on his arrogant mug – born in the corner of his right lip and stretching so far north you could almost mistake it for a wink.  I was done being a punch line.

“The lining is really beautiful, Devin.  And the detail – I swear it’s like you can see the brush strokes.  Where did you say you got this again?”

I could hear the smile fade as his eyes narrowed, “Don’t do anything stupid, Lauren.  You know there’s nowhere I can’t find you.”
“Get me the money and you get the cup.”


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One thought on “(Working Title)

  1. I’m also really loving the story developed from that prompt. I’m waiting with bated breath for each installment!

    Seriously, you’ve got me on tenterhooks, no exaggeration.

    Especially reading the backstory…

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