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I had awoken moments before Devin attempted to nudge me back to consciousness to the sound of an EKG machine letting me know I was still alive. As I went to put my hand over my left shoulder, I noticed my right hand was now serving as a home to a large IV drip.

I winced as I removed the bandage from my shoulder and almost screamed when I saw a .40 millimeter sized hole. I could see where the hemostasis had begun to take place around the wound and was about to remove the wires before I heard the doorknob turn. I hurriedly placed the bandage over the GSW (thank you, Grey’s Anatomy), laid back down and closed my eyes.

“Wake up!” Devin cooed, gently pressing Delilah’s mouth against my cheek, “Rise and shine, Poo Head.”
“Ugh,” I moaned, “come on , baby – you can do better than that. You know I like it rough.”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as I attempted to rise from the bed. Devin wheeled a desk chair over to the right side of the bed, rested his legs on mine, and lit a cigarette as he set the gun on the window sill.

“Don’t you know you’re not supposed to smoke around patients?” I said.
“This ain’t no hospital.” he replied, a puff of smoke making its way towards my face.
“Don’t you think I know that?”
“I know you know that…which is why you’re going to open the safe.” Devin said, gesturing to the far side of the room and I saw the Comfort Inn safe.

“Now, why would I do such a thing?” I said, wincing as I struggled to sit up.
“Oh please,” Devin laughed, rolling his eyes, “it’s just a flesh wound.”
“You had better hope I don’t bite your legs off then.”

“Lauren, open the safe or the morphine stops.”
“And here I thought it was just a flesh wound.”
“Lauren,” he smiled, “open the god damn safe.”

I could see he was losing it. He wouldn’t ask if he didn’t have to. After all, it’s not like one of his minions could blast the god damn thing open. I locked my life in that safe – my freedom. And there was no way I was handing it over to Devin…not again.

“Say the magic word.”

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