Once Upon a Time…

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Devin loved a girl that wasn’t me.  In fact, she wasn’t his either…at least, not anymore.  Rose was six years old the first time she met Devin.  She didn’t belong to him, he didn’t belong to her and yet somehow, they were meant for each other.

Shortly after his parents’ divorce, Jackie, Devin’s mother, shipped him off to military school, at the age of fifteen, so she could go husband shopping without any interruptions.  When Devin came home after his first year, there was a new man of the house, Tony, and a new lady of the house – Rose.

Rose was Tony’s daughter from a previous marriage.  Her mother had died in a car accident years earlier and Tony married Jackie because Rose needed a mother figure.  Jackie, unfortunately, was less than under qualified.

Rose had beautiful blonde hair, pale skin and gorgeous green eyes.  Her favorite toy was an antique tea set that belonged to her mother.  Devin would sit in the miniature chair in her bedroom for hours, eating invisible crumpets and sipping non-existent English breakfast tea.

Before he left for military school at the end of summer, Rose gave Devin one of the porcelain tea cups so he would always be able to have tea time when he wasn’t with her.  It was the palest shade of white with a gold rim and hand-painted pink roses with green stems.

Time does a lot to people – it changes them.  Secrets unfold, habits surface…love dies.  Jackie and Tony fought everyday of their third year of marriage.  Devin would talk to Rose on the phone as she hid under her bed at night to block out the screaming.

The yelling was unusually loud one night due to the fact that Rose had forgotten to close her door all the way.  Devin urged her to crawl out from under the bed, close the door and get back under.  As Rose approached the door, phone to hear ear, teddy bear in hand, the yelling approached her door at a rapid rate.  For Tony was coming to collect his daughter and leave.

Tony punched the door open, pushing the door knob into Rose’s eye and sending her flying backward onto the tea set and into a permanently persistent vegetative state.  She died six weeks later, at the age of nine, during tea time.

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