Once Upon a Time – Part II

You are currently reading from the Prompt #2 Series

Devin could not summon the strength to attend Rose’s funeral.  The summer following her death, he went to the cemetery everyday, with his cup and a pot full of tea and asked her forgiveness.

Devin believed that if he had just been there for her, she would still be alive.

Jackie and Tony decided to stay together and wanted to move out of their tragedy ridden house.  They hosted a yard sale shortly after Devin went back to military school and what remained of Rose’s tea set was sold for $25.

Something in Devin turned black when he came home to see Rose’s room boxed up, painted white and housing a desk and a computer.  He went to therapy, wrote in journals, etcetera etcetera.  But nothing – no amount of talking or healing – could ever fill the hole Rose had left within him.  And as time went on, that hole got darker and darker…slowly swallowing the light of Devin’s soul within.

The ease with which Jackie and Tony seemed to forget Rose fueled Devin’s hate.  He became consumed by resentment…and yet somehow was possessed by guilt.  The guilt of knowing that had he been there…it all could have been different.

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