Guys, Let’s Be BFFs…

Hey dudes –

I just wanted to say thanks for all the support you guys have given me throughout these past few months.  It’s been good times and I’m really enjoying testing myself as far as what I can come up with.

I want to start off by letting you guys know there will be a change in the coming weeks:

Re-post:  This was inspired by my Stats page.  Whenever I check out the posts that are most viewed for the day, sometimes they will be something old and random I’ve written.  This blog is dedicated to the grey area between fact and fiction – where truth and embellishment meet in the middle to create one exciting ride.  So, I’ll be re-posting the most visited blog post (we’re going to start weekly and then see how it goes) and then giving you guys some insight as to how I felt when I wrote it, some things maybe you didn’t know, etc.  Hope you guys like it! 🙂

Also, I know we’ve been taking it kind of slow lately, but I think I am ready to go to that next level and start getting to know you guys.  Friend me on Facebook!  Follow me on Twitter!  I kind of use Google+ but hey – let’s be friends man!  And hey, tell your other friends about us!  Seriously, I think we’re ready.

Oh, one more thing guys – please feel free to post any comments or questions you may have!  I love getting the likes, but now that I’m trying this new thing – one of your questions could be answered!  Think about it…

Anyways, I love you guys.  One more post to come sometime today!

❤ Always, Lauren



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