Hello, my name is…

You are currently reading from the Prompt #2 Series.

Although I’ve put a bullet between a man’s eyes – I couldn’t tell you what it feels like to kill a man.


“Where are the rest of them?” I asked, rising up from the couch.
“Nevermind them – help me with this last one.” Devin grunted.

Suddenly it came back to me – as I heard a man call, “Honey, I’m home!”, I ducked behind the island where I had begun to prep the fixings for Taco Wednesday and crawled into the bathroom, lying down in the tub – hoping not to be found.

“He has to be here somewhere, boys.” the man called, “Sniff his ass out.”

The sound of his team destroying our living room fell faint as I heard his footsteps enter the kitchen.  “He’s got to be here, guys.  There’s shit all over this kitchen.  Who the fuck makes tacos on a Wednesday?”

I heard the men laugh and held my breath as they made their way past the bathroom and into the bedroom.

“Hey, Steve!” I heard someone say, “He ain’t alone.”
“Watchu talkin’ bout Willis?” Steve laughed.
“Half his closet is filled with dresses and we found a drawer full of Victoria’s Secret  underwear.”
“Iiiiiinteresting.” Steve hummed, “Listen up, girlie!” he yelled.  “We already know you’re here.  We ain’t lookin to hurt you – we just want to talk to your boy.  So do us al a favor and come out because I’m not going to be happy if I have to chase you.”

I took a deep breath and contemplated revealing myself – after all, he said he wasn’t there for me.  However, I had seen way too many movies and made way too many mistakes already to risk making another.  So, as I rose up and attempted to open the window, preparing myself for how much pain I was about to be in three stories later, the shower curtain opened, “Hello there, sweetheart.  My name is Steve.”


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