You like me! You really like me!

I’ve written about this topic numerous times but it’s simply because everyone gives me new things to write about regarding this same subject:  Facebook posts.

I’m sorry people, but when did “freedom of speech” become everyone’s excuse to be a pain in the ass?  I thought once the election ended, so would the political Facebook posts but in reality they’ve actually gotten worse.  I’m not about to tell you who I voted for, or whether or not I support the decision, but for real, win like a man – lose like a man.  Romney isn’t President…deal with it.

And really, if people were that upset about it – instead of bitching all over Facebook to a ton of people who couldn’t care less, write to your Senator or Representative.  Organize a protest, join a campaign in preparation for the 2016 election.  You complain about how this country is going to go downhill and things are going to get so much worse – well, sitting at your computer sharing links and writing snarky comments isn’t going to change anything.  So, if you really want to make a difference, get up off your ass and do it.

Secondly, what is with all this nonsense:

“Like in 3 seconds to show your support.  Keep scrolling down if it doesn’t matter.”


Who the fuck came up with this shit?  Seriously, September 11th is one of the greatest tragedies not only in American history, but world history as well.  Lives were lost, families destroyed, faith questioned and lives forever changed…this is not the way to pay homage, show respect or convey your feelings regarding what happened that day.

As someone who lost close friends and family in the Twin Towers, I find pictures like these offensive and unnecessary.  If you want to show your support for the victims of September 11th in a real way, please make a donation to any one of the following charities.

And to the person who started this phenomenon, I ask you what have you done for your country?  What have you done to show respect and convey the fact that you remember the events of that day?  Is there a yellow ribbon on your car supporting the troops?  Do you have an American flag hanging on your home?  In short, what the fuck have you done?

Scrolling past this poor display doesn’t make you unpatriotic or mean you don’t care…it simply means that your patriotism is worth more than a fucking Facebook like.



4 thoughts on “You like me! You really like me!

  1. Ugh. Fuck yes to everything you just said. All those “like or comment or share if you agree with this. scroll past if you couldn’t care less” things make me really angry. Don’t try to hold my feelings hostage! You don’t know me!

    • Seriously – it makes me so angry. No one has the right to determine your feelings toward a particular event. And not to mention that a Facebook like is a poor way to honor those people.

  2. “….I’m sorry people, but when did “freedom of speech” become everyone’s excuse to be a pain in the ass? ….”

    So true. People should learn to use their freedom of speech respectfully and not deliberately post unnecessary messages which they KNOW will achieve nothing except antagonise other people.

    It’s like voting. I mean, don’t get me wrong, voting is a brilliant invention. If a room full of people mutually agree to vote and to abide by the decision of the majority then obviously that’s great because it’s a completely voluntary affair.

    But it’s those other voters who are so disrespectful! The ones who DO NOT EVEN BOTHER TO GAIN THE CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE THEY ARE VOTING AGAINST! Is it even possible to be any more antisocial than that?

    I mean sure we can try and *persuade* other people to fund whatever social programs, or wars, or services we consider desirable, and we can try to *persuade* other people to obey certain laws and regulations which we consider desirable…….there’s nothing wrong with debating and arguing social issues!

    It’s just when people go over the top and pulling out guns and pointing them at each other that it gets so annoying. As soon as someone starts advocating for FORCE to be initiated, then they are no longer debating – they are terrorising.

    If a man says to me “Give me half your wages”, or “Have sex with me”, or “Do as I say” and they are pointing a gun at me I might beg for my life, but I would not pretend I am ‘debating’ with him. He has a gun and is prepared to use it. He is initiating force against me in an attempt to make me do things which I object to.

    This is also how voters behave. There is no ‘debating’ with these people because at the end of the day they want to FORCE you to do things their way. That’s what voting is – an attempt to force other people to do things which THEY object to, but which YOU want. Whoever wins the election gets to hold the gun and point it at everyone else. Sorry, what century is this again?

    I would never vote simply because I would never dream of *threatening* someone and *coercing* them into funding things which I want but which they object to. And if they consistently refused to fund the things I wanted I could never bring myself to punish them by kidnaping them and locking them inside a cage like an animal.

    That’s a totally bat shit crazy anti social way to behave. It’s insane!

    But of course anyone who votes in an elections is advocating EXACTLY that kind of behaviour. And they know full well that is what they are voting for. How can they be so callous and immoral? How can they advocate for other people to be treated that way? What makes them think they have the right to FORCE other people to fund stuff they want? Do they actually think that by petitioning for a third party (ie your ‘elected representatives’- people who represent YOU) to act as the bullies they are behaving any less immorally?

    Mugging someone is immoral. Getting someone else to carry out the mugging on your behalf is no less immoral. How can it be? It just means you’re a coward, that’s all.

    I would like to invite these sick ‘voters’ to come round to my house in person and try to force me to fund their programs in person. And when I refuse I would like to see them to try to drag me away from my children, my husband, my job and my life and bundle me into a van and take me away to be locked up inside a cage – all for the ‘crime’ of not being prepared to fund the things which THEY want, but which I strongly object to.

    Of course in reality very few people would be willing to lay so much as a finger on me. Most people would be physically sick at the thought of having to coerce, intimidate and bully a complete stranger into funding something desired by other people, and perhaps kidnap them and lock them up in a cage as punishment if they refused to be coerced.

    And this proves just how immoral, hypocritical and completely ridiculous ‘voting’ really is.

    But until the day comes when voters decide to stop voting for violence – guess what?

    I comply. I reluctantly pay for all your stuff.

    More than merely comply, I *surrender fully* to the intimidation, coercion, terrorism and violence of the voters – the baying, self righteous, immoral, violent mob – who so passionately and mindlessly advocate for the state to use such tactics and such weaponry against me.

    I surrender to all you voters. Your threats of violence win every time!

    That’s right – you win! ……how does it feel?

    Here’s an idea, just like with freedom of speech, maybe we should be more careful and respectful about voting too?

    How about this:

    1) we only vote in situations where voting is a peaceful and voluntary affair where the consent of all involved is clearly given.
    2) we never vote for intimidation, coercion, force or violence to be be initiated against other people.

    Could anyone actually oppose these (far more civilised) terms?

    Who’s in? 🙂

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