Coupon Catastrophes and Discount Drama – Part I

You are currently reading from The Biggest Lie I’ve Ever Heard Series.

I am not a rich woman.  I have no savings account, more credit cards than I can remember and a single designer handbag that I received as a gift from my boyfriend.  I don’t drive an expensive car and I still live at home with my parents.  I’ve worked since I was fifteen years old and never had anything handed to me.  I am middle class – always have been and always will be.

I shop where I know I can get good value and good quality – Old Navy, Target…Victoria’s Secret I justify due to the 5 for $25.  I shop within my price range.

I do, however, happen to leave in an area that is surrounded by rich people.  I live on Long Island – also known as New York’s tumor.  And like anywhere you go in America, there are really nice parts (Port Jefferson, the Hamptons, Garden City) and then there are other parts like Freeport, Hempstead and…well, Freeport.

I happen to live surrounded by a bunch of wealthy ares – Garden City, Manhasset, Westbury, Rosyln, East Hills, Williston Park, Wheatley…

So, as my years in retail progressed, I was forced to deal with a bunch of rich ass white people who felt like they deserved a break when it came to checking out.  Well, I say to that what I always say when something upsets me, “FUCK THAT.”



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