A Moment Like This

You are currently reading from the Prompt #2 Series.

I donned my yellow, rubber dish washing gloves, put the key into the ignition of Steve’s 2000 Ford Mustang and waited to see Devin’s tail lights lead the way.  I wrapped my hands around the steering wheel and put the car into drive when I saw him give me the thumbs up.  We drove about ten minutes before it hit me – I knew where we were going.

In life there are moments – the second before you say, “I do.”, the first time you see your baby – where you know your life is never going to be the same afterwards.  Moments you know will be with you until the day you die – moments that change you.  This was one of those moments and I knew, that no matter where life managed to take Devin and I, be it together or apart, I knew we would be bound together by what was about to transpire.

I parked my car behind Devin’s two hours later on the edge of the Schuylkill River.  Devin told me to keep my eyes open as he wiped the inside of the Mustang clean and began to transfer the bodies of Steve’s crew into the vehicle before setting Steve onto the ground.

Devin then drew a Glock from his jeans, and placed it in mine.  My hand curled around Delilah as though she had always belonged to me – as if we were lifelong friends suddenly meeting after a long absence.  I knew what he wanted me to do – I knew what he needed me to do.  I just didn’t know if I could…

This was it…this was the moment.

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