The Wallet Incident – Part II

Now, as pathetic as this may sound, I couldn’t give a shit about the contents of my wallet – cards are easy enough to cancel, you can get a replacement Driver’s License online (can I get an “Amen!” for not having to go to the DMV?), and the lady who is in charge of replacing school IDs owes me a favor.  I don’t carry cash – I think there was $8 in there that I had gotten as change when my mother gave me $10 to buy bread the other day…more than anything, I was upset about the wallet – it had been a gift from my boyfriend, Bryan, and I loved it dearly.

There was also another minor drawback – you see, I had just come back from submitting my Social Security Card to Financial Aid for the coming year and had put it in my wallet on Monday with every intention of putting it back into my safe deposit box on Tuesday.  But, given the drama of my mother’s lost wallet, I didn’t get around to it so I just kept it in my wallet…which is now gone.

“Oh my god, Lauren!” Bryan screamed, “What the hell were you doing walking around with it?”

I didn’t share Bryan’s concern – which annoyed him even further.

“Someone could open a ton of credit cards in your name or get a car or something!  Why aren’t you worried about this?”

Why?  I’ll tell you why – because my credit is beyond shot.  Seriously, good luck to the bum ass mother fucker with my wallet.  Credit cards – maxed out, cash – minimal, driver’s license – clean but you have to be Asian in order to get anywhere with that.  The only thing that’s of value is my Starbucks gold card and my rewards card for the nail salon by my house which had a free eyebrow wax on it (that I obviously won’t be able to utilize this weekend – sad face).  Ain’t no one givin’ my social security number any line of credit, automobile or anything else of value…just another rejection letter.

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