The Wallet Incident – Part V

Things at the Social Security office weren’t so bad – my number was called less than an hour from the time I received it, the woman behind the bulletproof glass was really nice and friendly, and I was told my new card would be in the mail within the next three days.  It was a lot less painful than I thought it was going to be.

So, I gathered my paperwork, snapped a photo of George Takei’s Star Trek poster and made my way home feeling like everything might actually be okay…and it was.

The following day, still without a license, I got into my Camry and drove ten minutes to the local Stop and Shop to get groceries for the week.  As I passed through the automatic doors, I pondered whether or not I was going to go for the full on shopping cart of just the basket.

After all, I was only going to be picking up some yogurt (love that new FAGE stuff – can’t pronounce it to save my life though), soup and a couple of other things I had abandoned a few days earlier when my mother called about her lost wallet.  Yet, whenever I choose the basket, I always wind up cursing myself and wishing I had gone with the cart instead.

Meh, fuck it! I thought.  And as I went to reach for the little basket, I caught a glimpse of a sparkle in the corner of my right eye…and it was coming from the shopping carts.

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