The Wallet Incident – Part VI

In my life in general, I tend not to use a bag – I find them heavy, bulky and just plain unnecessary.  I mean, I’m not saying I don’t use them when I go out for a night on the town, at school or when I’m carrying a lot – but in my day to day life, I’m usually bag free.  My cell phone is in my pocket, along with my keys, and my wallet is always in my hand.

However, there are exceptions.  For example, when I go food shopping and opt to use a shopping cart, I have a tendency to put my wallet into the children’s seat, along with my keys if I haven’t already put them in my pocket.

So, when I saw the sparkle coming from the Stop and Shop shopping cart area, my heart sunk a bit because I’ve never been lucky in my life.

I meandered over and there it was – long, black…my mother fucking Michael Kors Continental wallet.

“Holy fucking shit!” I screamed as I jetted past a mother of three also making her way towards the carts and snatched the wallet from the children’s cart seat.

I looked inside to see all my credit cards present and accounted for, my receipt from Target…even the $8 change from the other day.

I like to think that someone found it, took one look at the contents and said, “Pssht!” and tossed it back into the shopping cart.  Then again, the new year is fast approaching…so maybe it’s a sign of good things and good luck to come.




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