The Right Fit

You are currently reading from the Trials and Tribulations of a Crazy Asian Series.

“Ah,” he sighed, leaning back and  putting his hands behind his head, “I’ve come on business.”
“Oh,” I began, nodding my head, “I thought…”

“Good mawnin’ guys,” interrupted our waitress, Sue Ellen (according to her name tag), “can I start ya with some cawfee?”
“Ah yes,” Cole smiled, “I’d love some coffee.”
“Um, none for me, thanks.”  I said.
“Are you kids ready ta orda?” she asked, turning towards me.
“Um, I am I, I don’t know if you are.” I said, turning back to Cole.

Cole gave me the thumbs up and I asked Sue Ellen to bring me a Belgian waffle with fresh strawberries on the side and some home fries with mozzarella cheese.  Cole complimented me on my order and requested two small pancakes, with scrambled eggs and a side of sausage.  As Sue Ellen took our menus and awayed to the kitchen, Cole turned to me and said, “So how have you been?”

“Good,” I lied, finishing the last of my orange juice, “really good.  You?”
“Lauren,” Cole sighed, placing his hand on mine, “are you quite all right.”
“Yeah,” I smiled, “why wouldn’t I be?”
“Well,” he sighed, suppressing a laugh, “your teeth are a bit purple from the merlot you drank last night, your pajamas are inside out and, forgive me for noticing, but it’s a tad bit nipply.” he said, motioning to my, well…my situation.
“Oh god!”  I cried, placing my hand over my mouth and attempting to cover my chest with the other hand.  “I’m so sorry.  I’m not normally…”
“It’s all right, darling,” he said, taking my hand away from my mouth, “I think you look gorgeous.”
“Liar.”  I laughed.
“Ha,” he giggled, shaking his head, “I’ll let you believe that

 Ellen, bless her soul, must have been at least sixty.  Her hair had gone almost completely grey and judging by the raspy nature of her voice – she’d probably been inhaling Virginia Slims since she was twelve.  But she came down that aisle holding seven plates and didn’t so much as flinch.

“Oh my goodness,” she sighed, as she began to place the plates of delicious food accordingly, “can ya believe it’s ma first day?” she laughed.
“It’s your first day?” I gasped.  “How did you know you could carry all that?”
“Honey,” she smiled, “sometimes things just fit.”

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