You’ve Got Mail

You are currently reading from the Trials and Tribulations of a Crazy Asian Series.

I wrote Rich a letter for everyday that he was in Australia…and by letter, I mean e-mail.  They tended to be very general in nature – a lot of “I’m doing this”, “work has been tough”, “school is a lot more intense this semester”.  And, I would always end with a simple, “Always, Lauren”…as I do with most of my correspondence.

Rich would always reply telling me where he had been and where he was headed.  His e-mails were short since he typically wrote them in internet cafes which essentially charge by the second.  However, the messages exchanged between Rich and I had one thing in common in that neither one of us addressed the fight we had the night before we left or the words exchanged therein.

I don’t know why this was.  Part of me thinks it was mainly due to the fact that it’s simply easier not to talk about the complications of romances gone wrong.  Another part of me feels as though we both knew time was limited (I would clock and track Rich’s messages in my inbox and make the time to sit around my computer just on the off chance we could have a brief g-chat).  But there was an even smaller part of me that secretly hoped that he truly missed me – and didn’t want to taint our messages dwelling on the mistakes he and I had made.

So, I decided that if he wasn’t going to let our past seep into our messages, then there was no reason for those same mistakes to dictate my present.  And so, I reached for my phone, his the green button and dialed…

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