Holy Shit

You are currently reading from the Prompt #2 Series.

I got behind the wheel of Steve’s Mustang and put the key in the ignition.  I waited for Devin’s tail lights to flash before I turned the key and we began our trip towards Daddy Dearest who could clean up any mess the golden boy happened to make.

I turned the key as soon as my eyes were filled with a red glow…but nothing happened.  “Shit.” I sighed, turning the key again but to no avail.

“Son of a bitch.” I muttered as I got out of the car, tapping my hand on the backside of Devin’s trunk.
“What the fuck is going on, Lauren?” Devin moaned, stepping down from his Explorer.
“It won’t start.  I think it needs a jump.”
“You better hope it does.” Devin sighed.

He grabbed the keys from the ignition and popped the trunk.  As we walked to the rear of the car, I thought the sound of my heart pounding would be sure to attract whatever law enforcement was in the general vicinity.  Devin and I had done the crime together but we sure as hell weren’t going down that way if this went South.  And so I prayed to whatever God would listen that somewhere in that trunk there were jumper cables so that we could both live to see another day.

Devin opened the trunk and stepped backward clutching his heart…a twinkle in his eye to accompany the smile that had begun to form in the right hand corner of his mouth, “Holy shit.”
“What is it?” I asked, coming up beside him.

“Oh my,” I gasped, beholding the trunk’s contents, “holy shit indeed.”

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