Let’s Make a Deal

You are currently reading from the Prompt #2 Series.

I pulled the tree branch and Devin and I slowly began our descent into the unknown.  I craned my head out the window in time to see the ground that was once beneath us close overhead before I felt Devin yank the waist of my pants and place me back in my seat.

Devin and I suddenly found ourselves under fluorescent lights with Ryan fast approaching.

Apparently, the shanty was just for kicks.  I knew this because upon my exit, my eyes were immediately drawn to a wall full of TV monitors displaying what appeared to be an Albanian family living in the shack that Ryan, himself, had emerged from.

“All right, Dev,” Ryan smiled, “watchu got fo’ me?”
“It’s in the back>” Devin said, getting out of the car, motioning for me to hide Delilah.

I placed her between my back and my waistband and followed Devin and Ryan to the back of Steve’s Mustang.  I watched as they disappeared behind the elevated cargo area and heard Ryan scream.

“Woooooo dawgs I am a lucky man.” he screamed, clapping his hands, jumping up and down.

Devin beamed and he and Ryan embraced.  For a moment, I thought the both of them might break down and cry.  But the mood in the room suddenly changed when I saw Devin square his shoulders as Ryan moved closer to the trunk.

“So, Dev, how did you come by…”
“Does it matter?”  Devin asked coyly.
“Nah, no I guess it doesn’t.”  Ryan said, taking a few steps back.  “How do you want to move?”
“Well,” Devin began, “I was…”
“Wait…wait a second.”  Ryan said, walking over to me.  “Do you mind if we…”
“Ryan, she’s with me.” Devin claimed, walking over and taking my hand.  “If she goes, I go.”
“Fair enough.”  Ryan smiled, “Let’s make a deal.”

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