Pinky Swear

You are currently reading from the Prompt #2 Series.

“A deal?” Devin laughed, making his way behind me.  “Deals are for strangers, Ryan.  You and me – I thought we were friends?”

Ryan seemed to be dancing in place – moving from side to side as though there was some beat playing on he could hear.  He reminded me of a child who just couldn’t sit still – someone who had to keep moving because the thought of being in place for an extended period of time was too much like death.

“Dev,” he said, looking from side to side, “you’re my boy and all…but I already got a pretty decent rock collection.”
“Oh come on,” Devin cooed, “you can always use more rocks.”
“Well, word on the street is some nigga got his rock collection taken away a few nights ago by a bunch of local cats.  No one knows who.  Now, I might have half a mind to call that nigga up and tell him I know the location of said rock collection…”

Before I had time to put two and two together, Devin had wrapped his hand around Delilah, thrown me to the floor and was aiming straight for Ryan.

“Whoa whoa whoa!”  Ryan yelled, raising his hands, “DEV!   Put the mother fucking gun down!”
“Gladly,” Devin smiled, flipping the safety.  “First, I just need you to take these off my hands.”
“Dev,” Ryan laughed nervously, holding his arm out, “I-I’d love to help out but…”
“Ryan,” Devin sighed, wrapping his arm around his neck, “I hate to play this card but you know who my father is.”
“Yeah,” Ryan sighed, looking down at me, “yeah, I do.”
“And you know what I would hate to have happen on Lisa’s trip back to the States?  I would hate to have some guys throw her in a cab fresh off British Airways, take her to an alley off Bleeker Street and just…well, you know the things that can happen in New York?  Don’t you?”
“Dev, please…” Ryan mumbled, wiping a tear away from his eye, “not my girl, okay?  Please…”

“Which is why I am so happy that you’ve agreed to move these rocks for a small, percentage.”
“Sure…I’ll uh, I’ll put a call in now.  Devin…just please…”

“Oh,” Devin laughed, pulling Ryan closer to him, “I’m just joshing you…I pinky swear, Lisa will live to see another day.”

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