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Devin was never what you would consider to be a reliable person – he was rarely on time, never answered his cell phone within the allotted time and often couldn’t remember plans that were scheduled in advance (which may have been what led him to always be late).  But if there was one thing he could be counted on for, it was making good on a promise to make someone hurt.

After Ryan had negotiated the terms of the sale of the Nigerian diamonds we had ripped off of Steve, Devin went to make the obligatory phone calls to his father.  We needed to arrange a pickup and disposal of the vehicle, as well as schedule a pow wow with the local drug dealers whose territory Devin and I had cut it on.

It gave a chance for Ryan and I to talk – he told me his girlfriend was on an art study.  She had gone to Italy, France and Ireland and was landing in New York in a few days to go to the Met for an interview as a curator.  They were going to leave all this mess behind, move to New York permanently, and raise a family someday.  Ryan had just finished his last job and was planning on going back to school for music management…and all those dreams were gone now.

He asked me if I thought Devin would really hurt Camille…if there was a chance that he would turn on him and have something happen to her.  And I told him the worst answer anyone can possibly tell another, “I don’t know.”

For as much as I knew Devin, I knew there was no telling what he could do next, no light to his darkness…and nothing he wouldn’t do to settle a score.

“I’m sorry,” I said, placing my hand over his, “but I promise, I’ll do whatever I can to keep her safe.”
“Yeah, really.”

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