Two Tequila…

You are currently reading from the Trials and Tribulations of a Crazy Asian Series.

Like most regrets, the initial sip of Gran Patrón went down smooth.  But as anyone who’s made a mistake knows, it’s not the sin you have to watch out for – it’s the atonement you have to make.

Cole and I finished our drinks and left the Rose Club to go to dinner.  Cole waved Robert away and proceeded to open the door to let me into the car.
“That gentleman bit is still going strong, I see.”
“Haha,” he laughed, “it’s still early.  It is you, little lady, who hasn’t made good on making me sorry.”
“It  isn’t morning yet.”
“Ah,” he sighed, pointing to the analog clock below the partition, “but it is upon us.”

I looked at him slyly, smiled to myself and said, “I guess you have a point.”

I then scooted over and arranged myself under his arm and did that thing all girls do when they want boys to kiss them – I tilted my head to the side, took a deep breath and slowly inched my lips closer to his.  The only difference was that I knew he wasn’t going to kiss me – he didn’t have it in him and, honestly, neither did I.  And the reason for that is the same reason that all couples who have truly been in love can remember the nervousness and fear they felt before the best first kiss of their lives…it’s because we both knew we were on the verge of something real.  That once our lips touched there was a distinct possibility we would never kiss any other’s lips for the rest of our lives…that we were staring into the face of happily ever after and there was no going back.

“Little lady,” he said, clearing his throat and stroking my cheek, “I am not going to kiss you in this car.”
“I know.” I smiled, scooting back over to my side of the car. “Anyway, I’m starving.”
“Robert,” Cole coughed, “MacDougal and Bleeker.”

“Feeling sorry yet?”
“You have no idea…”

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