Enough already

First it was Mafia Wars…then came Words with Friends.  But now we have a new and improved stupid Facebook trend clogging up our news feeds:

“If I get (insert number of likes), I will/someone I know will (action or something equally as stupid).”  

facebook 1This seems to be the hot new trend sweeping the nation. It first started out with pictures like the one on your left – asking you to like a picture if you thought a girl was pretty.  Most people assume that this girl has gone through chemotherapy as a result of a cancer diagnosis…and they’re probably right.  But what if this chick simply thought GI Jane was awesome and thought shaving her head would allow her to better channel Demi Moore’s character?

Furthermore, I understand that Facebook has amazing power and that the likes you receive from this picture could lift your spirits to the point of a miraculous recovery.  But why her?  This girl is in her apartment, or a friend’s apartment, and in such a good mood that she is taking a picture of herself.  What about the tons of people in hospital beds barely clinging on – thin from chemo, almost begging for death because the pain is so unbearable?  Where is their Facebook status?  Where is their “like”?  Where are their sentiments and well wishes for a speedy recover?  If this girl gets a picture, a status and a like…so should they.


A few weeks after that, this little gem surfaced.  Apparently, this is the new way to get shit done – asking other people to do it for you.  If you require the assistance of one million strangers in order to get a dog, I’m going to guess that you’re not nearly responsible enough to take care of a dog in the first place.  Wouldn’t a better parenting solution have been to tell them to walk a neighbor’s dog for a few weeks to show that you’re dedicated enough and know what it means to be responsible for an animal.  Not only that but the oldest girl in this picture looks like she’s eight and her dad already doesn’t believe in her?  Damn dude…

But I have to say, I saw the worst one last week and I’d like to share it with you:

facebook 3

This has got to be the worst one yet.  Seriously, the only way your own mother could quit smoking was if a million strangers liked a Facebook status?  Really?  I don’t know what’s worse – the fact that this girl is like 11 and her mom hasn’t quit yet, or the simple truth that a daughter’s concern isn’t enough motivation to make her mom put down the Newports.  Why can’t someone post something like “I got zero likes…but I did (insert awesome thing here) anyway.”?  Seriously – why do we need the validation of strangers to make us do normal acts of kindness and empathy that bring happiness?  People think it’s so awesome that photos like these hit their goals…I think it’s sad that we need Facebook likes to get our asses into gear.


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