You are currently reading from the Trials and Tribulations of a Crazy Asian Series.

I’ve never been much for fate or destiny – but there was something about the way Cole led me up the stairs to the second floor of Monte’s that made me feel this was where I’d been heading my whole life.  The room housed only a single table – white linen table cloth, a vase of three yellow roses in the center…candles.

I thanked Cole for pulling out my chair and began to look over my menu.  “I don’t know why I’m looking at this,” I laughed, “I get the same thing every time I come here.”
“Perhaps it’s time to try something new?”
“Are you always this omnisciently ironic?”
“It’s a bit of a habit, I’m afraid.” he said, smiling…and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Cole and I killed three bottles of cabernet, a plate of calamari, gnocchi bolognese and a German chocolate cake that was so decadent I wanted to weep tears of chocolate.  Cole told me about how his parents had sent him to boarding school in the UK at the age of twelve – which is why he didn’t sound completely Irish.  From there, he went to Cambridge on scholarship and…well, a whole bunch of other things.

As he recapped the events of his life, I felt as though I had heard this all before.  Not that I was bored, but that I knew these stories – when you share your entire self with a complete stranger for an extended period of time, you get the sneaking suspicion that you’ve known them your whole life…because they are your whole life.

“One for the road?” the bartender called, as we made our way over to Bob sipping a seltzer, preparing to take us in for the evening.
“I could do another nip.” Cole smiled as he nodded towards the bartender.
“And for the lady.” the barkeep grinned, pushing a shot of tequila my way.

I sprinkled some salt onto my wrist, licked and shot back the Gran Patron as though my life depended on it, saw a bright light and then…nothing.

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