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Cole and I lay there, giggling like two school children who had just heard a fart in a classroom full of people.  We laughed for what seemed like hours until I, clutching my heart, began to take deep breaths and slowly return to normal.

“I’m sorry,” I said, still giggling.  “It’s not funny.  Nothing about this night is remotely funny.  It’s just that…I laugh when I’m nervous.”
“Why do I make you so nervous?” he chuckled, getting himself together.
“Because I’m having a really hard time figuring out if you’re for real or not.”

Cole looked puzzled – as if the notion that one might not present himself truthfully to a woman was something that would ever occur.  “I’m sorry, little lady, I’m not quite sure what you mean…”

It was at this point I became angry – angrier than I ever had been at anyone.  At least Devin never hid the fact that he was a sociopath who liked to give others a death wish.  Jesse had the decency to admit that he’d cheated on me and Rich, well, he was always honest about his emotional vacancies.  But to stroll in here with fancy dresses and luxurious dinners was just too much for my heart to bear.

“I mean this – all this fancy shmancy romantic bull shit you’ve been spewing all night!  Who the hell are you?!  Why do you even like me?  What’s your play here?  You go on frequent business trips and need someone in the Big Apple to keep you warm at night because that’s not me…”
“Whoa, simmer down there,” he said, still smiling, “none of the above.”
“Then what the hell are you doing here with me?” I screamed (clearly drunk isn’t my best look…)
“Lauren,” he sighed, tilting his head to the side and wrapping his arms around me, “I’m just a man…looking for the right girl.”
“And what makes you think I’m that girl?” I asked.
“Just a hunch I guess.”

I took a deep breath and assessed the situation – it wasn’t too often I found myself with someone I could have dinner with, cry hysterically at and have a laughing fit with.  If this was a one night stand, he’d have been long gone by now.  And so, I sat down on the couch…and let him kiss me.

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