Just Breathe

You are currently reading from the Prompt #2 Series.

“All right!” I shouted, attempting to smoosh my boobs into the confining Vera Wang bodice, “I’m almost done.”
“I should hope so,” Ryan laughed, “you’ve been in there nearly an hour!”
“You can’t rush perfection, boo.”

I picked up the massive tulle skirt, turned the corner of Devin’s enormous walk-in closet and threw my hands in the air, “Ta-daaaaa!  Whaddaya think?”

Ryan put his hand over his mouth, made the universal hand motion for me to twirl around and I obliged.

“Massive poof, right?!” I laughed, “Seriously, have you ever seen this much fabric in your life?!”
“No, no I don’t think I have.”

I extended my arm and Ryan immediately took hold of my hand, pulling me in close…or as close as the dress would allow.

“I don’t know how Devin and I are going to manage a first dance in this disaster.”  I laughed, placing my arms around Ryan’s neck.
“I’m sure you’ll manage.”

There was no music as Ryan and I danced in Devin’s closet – and yet there was a rhythm to our movements.  A silent melody filled the room as Ryan and I drew closer, letting everything fade away and leaving us in a world where our greatest fear was wondering what was going to happen once the song ended.

Ryan squeezed my hand tight, spun me out and pulled me back in close.

“You got some pretty sweet moves there.” I whispered.
“Thanks.  You’re not so…”

Ryan had made his move before I could finish – somehow the hand that was originally holding my waist was curved around my neck.  My fingers found themselves making their way through his hair as his lips touched mine.

It was in that moment I regained the will to live – it were as though Ryan’s soft kiss was slowly redistributing the life force and spirit Devin’s cruelty had taken from me…and I could breathe again.

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