Kiss #5 – Stranger on the Train

You are currently reading from the Top 5 Series.

This week’s Top 5 Category is Top 5 Kisses.  They are in order – #5 being memorable to a point and #1 being unforgettable.

Kiss #5: The Stranger on the Train

I think “Kisses” is a great category to start off with because behind every great kiss is an even better story.  My #5 kiss that I would like to write about occurred, I want to say, about four or five years ago…I can’t exactly remember when.  Truth be told, I can’t remember the guy’s name either.  All I remember is that it’s one of the ballsiest things I’ve ever done…and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Lillian, Kat and I had just ran ten city blocks in heels in an effort to make the 2:53am train home to Mineola…a train often referred to as “The Drunk Train”.  It’s the last train out of the city before 5am.  Many a party gal has often found herself crying on the platform, shoes in hand, wristlet on the other, watching the train disappear into the distance.  She then takes a deep breath, making her way back up to Penn Station, slumping onto the ground, leaning against a pillar, praying to God her phone doesn’t die and hoping she can stay awake in an effort to ward off hobos.

Lillian had managed to wedge her hand between the closing doors – me behind her and Kat behind me.  We had just come from an open bar at Down the Hatch on West 4th.  And I happened the reason we were late.

“You just had to get the deep-fried Oreos.” Lillian screamed as we ran down 3th Street.
“They’re fucking delicious!” I called back to her, shoving the last one into my mouth.


We fell into the full train car, Kat leaning against the closing doors for breath and I laughing hysterically .  “Lauren!” Lillian screamed, “shut up!  Jesus Christ you’re a fucking embarrassment.”

Lillian was the mama bear of our group – no matter where we were or how many drinks we had, she always managed to get everyone home safe.  I always enjoyed busting her balls and tonight was no different.

“Not as embarrassing as that!” I laughed.

It was at this point that Lillian discovered the source of my laughter.  We were in such a rush to get onto the train, Lillian had completely missed the fact that her skirt had ridden all the way up…to reveal her Kermit the Frog granny panties.


Once the girls and I had settled and come to terms with the fact that no one was about to give up their seat for us, we trudged back to the now closed doors and prepared to lean our way back to Mineola.  As I rubbed my eyes and attempted to fight the bright fluorescent lights, I focused in on another gentleman – also leaning against the closed doors.

I sauntered up to him and said, “Were you here before?”

Sensing my drunken state, he smiled at me and said, “Why yes – I’ve been here this whole time.”
“Are you sure?”
“Quite sure.”

As the stranger and I proceeded to become less and less…well, strangers…I began to notice how utterly adorable he was.  His jeans were whitewashed and had two unintentional holes on both knees – he was wearing a simple white t-shirt and a navy blue blazer.

Now, while neither Kat nor Lillian can tell me what exactly was said by me and this dapper stranger, Kat has always made one thing perfectly clear, “Dude…you were so smitten I almost felt bad for you…almost.”
“Yeah,” Lillian will say, “a great deal of pity was felt by all.  But, if you hadn’t been so drunk, something actually probably could have happened there.”

This always prompts me to speak the truth, “But you guys…something did happen.”

Kat and Lillian will then give me eye rolls and laugh…but the truth is, something awesome did happen…


The train was about to make its first stop at Woodside, which prompted the handsome stranger to begin to bid me farewell.  I was greatly distressed – there was something about this boy that made me feel different.  It were as though I wasn’t trying to make the drunk train, but that destiny was making every concession to ensure that our two worlds would collide.  I suddenly felt as though I was at the right place at the right time…that all moments in my life had been leading to this.

As he smiled at me, I saw a future where I was sipping tea, looking out the window of his loft – me wearing his blazer, attempting to fight off the cold.

I couldn’t let him leave without getting a name, a number…something to hold us together!  And so, I grabbed that beautiful blue blazer, pulled him close, and pierced his lips with my tequila soaked tongue.

I like to think he kissed me back…Lillian and Kat say that he put his hands in the air to signify I had initiated the contact…all I know is that when I opened my eyes, let go and watched him walk onto the platform – I saw that handsome stranger smile at me, wink, and readjust his blazer.


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