Knock, Knock

You are currently reading from the Trials and Tribulations of a Crazy Asian Series.

It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with Cole – in fact, part of me thinks I loved him the whole time…I just wasn’t ready for it.  After all, the “real thing” doesn’t happen everyday.

Our relationship was complicated at first with Cole living and working in England and all.  Cole was the senior marketing manager for an education group in the UK.  He often traveled to New York and various other states to negotiate tuition fees for study abroad programs and to solidify partnerships with universities.  So, most of our dates were dinners following Cole’s flight landing or a few stolen hours in his hotel room before his flight was due to depart.

Yet, despite there being an ocean between us, Cole was more present than any other man I had ever been with.  Even though he was always working or, you know, sleeping (the time difference was a bitch)…he was always there for me – listening to me celebrate the fact that my least favorite castaway got voted off Survivor or to provide helpful advice on how to make the perfect beef wellington.

Cole would send me care packages fill with Jameson’s and real Cadbury caramel bars…and, on occasion, would randomly show up at my door to surprise me for a weekend or two.  Yes, the first six weeks of our relationship were blissfully complicated…but there were wrenches that had yet to be thrown in.

I was in my room, assembling my own care package for Cole – a copy of The Wall Street Journal, some bagels from our favorite place, a Metro card – when I heard my mother calling.

“Yeah ma!” I called back.

I could hear her coming up the stairs, “There is someone at the door…”

I didn’t even wait for her to finish.  I blew past her and began running down the stairs towards the front door unable to contain my excitement as my mother called after me to slow down.

I pushed through the front door and stopped dead in my tracks, swallowing my heart.

“Hey.” he said.
“Jason…” I gasped, “what the hell are you doing here?”

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