Mind Reader

You are currently reading from the Trials and Tribulations of a Crazy Asian Series.

I felt confused as I locked the door and walked away from Jason’s protests for the last time.  And suddenly, that confusion mutated into sheer horror – the same fear that plants itself into the mind of every woman that’s ever been hurt before – what if?

Being with the wrong men not only leaves you with the inability to trust the opposing gender for an indefinite amount of years, but it also renders you unable to trust yourself.  Doubt infects every aspect of your life – should I wear this shirt?  Did those people see me trip?…is this guy for real?  Am I for real?  Are my feelings real?

Pretty soon, the only thing you seem to be sure of is your own pain.

As I went up the stairs to my room, I was got the unsettling feeling that I had just made a huge mistake – that I was fooling myself with this whole Cole fiasco and that Jason was obviously the right choice for me.  After all, we had waited so long and had gone through so much together – I owed this to him.  Hell!  I owed this to me!

I raced to my room, stubbing my toe on the corner of the doorway, and hobbled in an effort to snatch my phone.  I frantically entered my passcode and searched through my recent calls for the number I so anxiously needed but it began to vibrate in my hand…he had beaten me to it.

“Oh, thank God,” I sighed, half laughing, “looks like you read my mind.”

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