Clean up Crew

You are currently reading from the Prompt #2 Series.

“What did I do, Lauren?” he laughed, “I saved your life.”


I looked around the basement of Devin’s father, laughing to myself about the irony of it all.  My love had died here and now so was I.

What things did you have, Devin?” I asked, through clenched teeth, feeling the morphine beginning to leave my body.
“I had you.”
“Oh,” I smiled, “aren’t you sweet?”
“Just open the god damn safe, Lauren.” Devin pleaded.
“No.  You took my love and now I’m about to take yours.”


Devin cackled as Ryan and I wailed from our wounds, calling out each other’s names as though the sound of our voices would calm the other.

“I love you, Lauren…” Ryan cried, attempting to drag his blood-soaked body across the floor, only to be kicked by Devin a second time.

“This is how it’s going to go, Lauren.” Devin smiled, taking a seat on my bed, “You see, my darling girl,” he said, brushing my cheek, “you did this.  You did all of this.  We were to be happy – you and I.  But now, now you’ve gone and ruined it all.”

He stood up and began to rub the temples of his forehead as though a terrible headache were on the rise.  He paced back and forth for a moment before letting out a scream that would shake even the most solid of villains when suddenly, he turned to me, and smiled.

“This is your mess, Lauren,” he said, tossing Sampson into my lap, “and now you’re going to clean it up.”

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