Grat That, Part IV: Worst Case Scenario

More often than not, the autograt winds up being a curse more than a blessing.  The tip always winds up being some weird number like $42.18, and in light of being cost effective, most guests won’t leave you $45…or $43 for that matter.  They leave that grat right down to the penny.

In addition to losing what could have been an amazing tip from a table you’ve been schmoozing all night, the autograt can hand actually have an even more gruesome fate attached to it.  Here are the two worst case scenarios I often found myself in:

#1: The Refusal

Other than the percentage that is being allocated for the tip, there’s only one thing you really need to know about the autograt and it’s this:  it’s discretionary.  This means that it is OPTIONAL.  You are not required, by law, to pay the autograt.  The only governing authority dictating that you tip your server is derived from the code of Human Decency…and you’d be surprised at how many people fall short of that code.

You’d be surprise at how many people scoff at the autograt and ask for a manager before smiling, satisfied that they are not bound to the number in front of them.  God people suck.

However, the worst possible situation you can find yourself in, pertaining to an autograt is…

#2: Teenagers

When it first came to teenagers, I was a little confused.  Granted teenagers are known to be shitty tippers, but when I first started out in restaurants, I always thought the autograt was a way to save you from getting a shitty tip.  Not the case…

You can have a party of 50 teenagers and still manage to get a close to nothing tip for one reason:  they split everything.  Ten of those fifty are splitting a kid’s chicken fingers, another twenty are going to divide six mozzarella sticks and the remaining thirty are going to say, “Oh, I’ll just have water…thanks.”…and that’s after they ask how much all of those items are.

So, in conclusion, all I can really say is the same thing I’ve always said: if you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to go out to eat and, more importantly, tip your fucking server, bro.


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